About Practitioner

About Immanuel King

Vincent Anyakora (also known in spiritual and wellness communities as “Immanuel King”) is a biofeedback practitioner,  fitness-wellness coach, and ordained youth minister who obtained his quantum physics HEALYou certification from Quantum Multiverse University, under the tutelage of Dr. Roy Martina, MD (World renowned best selling author & physician). Immanuel also has training in integrative practices such as: digital homeopathy, as well as balancing all energetic body systems (meridians) and emotional energies.

Immanuel King is skilled in the following alternative healing modalities: Bio-Energy Healing, Genius Insight Biofeedback, Spiritual protection, house clearings, depossession, clearing curses and hexes/spells/charms, and baptisms. I align and work alongside the power of the Holy Spirit and apply all the principles and teachings of Yeshua/Jesus with the persistent involvement of archangels. The forces of darkness cannot win against the forces of Light.


Colossians 2: 15

Christ disarmed the rulers and authorities [evil forces] and made a public display of them. God triumphed over them through Christ.